We love you, not the smell of your poo. Click here to grab a bag or two 😘


We all do it. Poop.

If you have a job, travel, party, attend conferences, or are in a relationship, you understand how important smell is.

We purchase candles, air fresheners, and matches to cover the odor, but they don't really work. 

POTTY Pearls are handcrafted pearls that block toileting odors. Simply pop it out of the wrapper, drop it in the toilet, and roll with your business.


POTTY Pearls was created in 2016 when Tyeshia was too embarrassed to use the restroom at work and in public.

She wanted to a create a product that was proactive, so she began putting her Chemistry minor to work and POTTY Pearls was created!

Portable, effective, discreet pearls are needed for every woman's purse, office, suitcase and bathroom!

POTTY Pearls provide women with an opportunity to handle their business as well maintain their feminine, fragrant image.

To Discreet Excellence!!


Tyeshia Coopwood|CEO & Founder