We like you, not the smell of poo...click here to grab a pearl or two!

Stop holding it and just go!

Health is at the top of our New Year's Resolution list and this one issue needs to be resolved: holding it in.

You know what I'm talking about. 

Stomach issues at work? Too anxious to relieve oneself around your significant other? Traveling with co-workers for a conference?

Although we're being socially appropriate, we risk being uncomfortable and constipated.

What's the solution? POTTY Pearls.

POTTY Pearls are pearls that you drop in the toilet before you go poo. It fizzes and releases a fragrance of lavender or clean linen to eliminate your toileting odor. 

What are you waiting for, grab your pearls today. 

To never holding it in again. Cheers!! (clink clink)