Make Your Cologne/Perfume Last Longer With These 3 Tips

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Wish your signature scent would last longer throughout the day?

Try these 3 tips to help you smell oh so good from sun up to sun down:

1.Use the right type of fragrance.

Make sure your fragrance is labeled eau de parfum and extrait de parfum because they are highly concentrated and last longer.

Body scents labeled body spray, eau de cologne, or eau de toilette have a lower concentration of fragrance and won't last as long.

2. Apply to damp or moistened skin.

Do NOT apply on clothes or dry skin.

After applying your perfume/cologne on damp or moistened skin, allow skin to dry before getting dressed.

3. Lastly, use petroleum jelly on pulse points. 

Apply petroleum jelly on pulse points (behind neck, ears, and knees and inside wrist and elbow) first and then spray your favorite scent.

The nose want what the nose wants.



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  • Kimberly on

    I love these tips and actually didn’t know about 2 and 3. I’m going to try both today! Thanks!

  • Michelle Hill on

    More than helpful. Thanks!!! I’m gone try right away. I’ll keep you posted.

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