Change Your Mood With Your Nose

change your mood smellfulness

I don't know about you, but have you ever just had an off day?

The weather was sucky, everything on your to-do list seemed difficult, etc....

Well I'm proposing a new concept.. SMELLFULNESS

It's like mindfulness, but way better!

You take a second to smell something that brings you joy. 

It could literally be anything....

Smelling and hugging a baby (that always brightens my mood)...

Smelling a favorite scented candle...

Smelling something old for comfort...

My grandmother passed away 7 years ago and I have her old house coat. Though the smell is fading, my brain and heart remembers and the memories make me happy.

And lastly, if you are desperate, go use a Potty Pearl.

The lavender, linen, or eucalyptus spearmint can help you shift your mood.

Happy Smelling!


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