Book'd and Busy

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As the weather gets cooler and the sun sets earlier, warmth and coziness are necessities this time of year.

Interestingly enough all this indoor time makes me wanna get reacquainted with books. (I try to read books in the summer, but it just doesn't work out. lol)

Here are 3 cool nostalgic items to enhance your book'd and busy experience:

1. Library Scented Candles

Have a library right at home, with this smell-good...

I want my house to smell like a library! (external purchase link)

2. Create some library nostalgia with book ledgers. 

I always lend out books and forget who has them.

I love everything about this.

You don't have to be a librarian to have a better tracking system...


Click here to get your librarian on!


3. Never lose your place again with this awesome book mark:

Point marks the spot!


Happy Reading!

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