Be The Best Host This Friends/Thanksgiving!

friendsgiving host thanksgiving

Friend/Thanksgiving is 16 days away. Will you be hosting? 

If so, don't make these mistakes, so guests have a great time:

1. Waiting too long to serve food or drinks (39 percent)

2. Asking guests to mingle (34 percent)

3. Not offering any sort of gluten-free or dairy-free option (34 percent)

*Sidebar: Guests with dietary restrictions should communicate this ahead of time or bring a dish complimentary to their liking. And if you're guests are that entitled, whew chiiillleee.... 

4. Starting to clean up too early (32 percent)

5. Getting drunk (30 percent)

6. Cancel the party the day-of (30 percent)

7. Apologize too much (30 percent)

8. Rushing people out the door (29 percent)

9. Trying too hard to be accommodating (27 percent)

10. Not playing music (26 percent)



In summary, people wanna eat and have a great time. Breathe and be yourself.

Happy Holidays!


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