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Pooping is normal, but embarrassing odor doesn’t have to be!

Use a Potty Pearl before you go. 

It's portable (can fit in your hand or pocket) and is travel friendly.



They are awesome! Such a nice fragrance without having to spray. 

Soncera Rae G.

This product really works! And in my opinion better than plugs or sprays. Both of those options leave some lingering scent. But potty pearls literally makes the entire smell go down the drain with the water. So dope!!! So genius!!!

Michelle Dreamaker J.

Girl u a blessing with them potty pearls...My stomach on ten but I was discreet thanks to you. 

S. Morehouse

Ladies, Men holla at POTTY Pearls, she will get you right, your home, your bathroom and every other bathroom you plan OR don't plan to use!

C. Summers

So happy to be traveling with POTTY Pearls this year.

T. Johnson

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Our pearls are handcrafted just for you!

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